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Analog 3T & Motobox Slimline LED Gear Review

Photos/Video/Review by | Jun Song This is a comparison review of Analog 3T and Motobox LED Slimline fender elimination kits. In my opinion, one of the biggest eyesores on a Thruxton is the huge protruding rear fender. It looks like a dinosaur’s tail sticking out of the beautifully streamlined café racer cowl of the bike. I’m pretty sure I’m not ...

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Mike’s Tracker by Mule Motorcycles

Photos by | Jun Song | Bike Owned & Words by | Mike Zehner | The bike originally came as an idea because my dad and his brothers raced flat track in the 60’s-70’s. I always loved the look of the bikes and the riding style. I have a pre-unit Triumph chopper, which is not really street legal. I wanted ...

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3 Brothers, & Triumphs

Words & Photos by | Jun Song | Chris Purkey (age 32), Todd Purkey (28), and Tyson Purkey (28), are three brothers out of Salt Lake City, Utah, whose relationship is solidified through their love for motorcycles, specifically through their Triumphs. I met the Purkey brothdsers about a year ago at a group ride here in Salt Lake City, and ...

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