3 Brothers, & Triumphs

Words & Photos by | Jun Song |

Chris Purkey (age 32), Todd Purkey (28), and Tyson Purkey (28), are three brothers out of Salt Lake City, Utah, whose relationship is solidified through their love for motorcycles, specifically through their Triumphs.

I met the Purkey brothdsers about a year ago at a group ride here in Salt Lake City, and recently had a chance to ride with them again at Motos in Moab. Since the first time I met them, I’ve been intrigued and borderline envious of their exclusive friendship-brotherhood Triumph club (or however you want to call this), that is rarely found anywhere.

As Chris describes, “Growing up, we moved A LOT.  Our parents separated pretty early on, Mom was always working and Dad never lived closed by.  We were poor as dirt and had to figure out a lot that your typical child never considers. While this presented a unique set of complications for many years, we made it out as pretty alright humans.  I think we all have a better appreciation for certain things in life, the value of friendship and understanding that people are imperfect and need a little help from time to time.  To this day my brothers are the closest friends I have, we do a lot together, motorcycles are no exception.”Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 16.46.32

“There’s something about the heritage and aesthetics of the Triumph classics that’s always gotten to me. I love a lot of different bikes, but am particularly in love with classics, café & tracker style bikes. We all have a similar taste to that effect, and both of my brothers picked up their bikes within months of mine”, says Chris

Since their immersion into Triumph bikes, the three hasn’t stopped riding together. Most of their conversations evolve around appreciating others’ bikes, comparing their own bikes, and taking about the next mods/upgrades they have planned for their own.

Of course some of their time is spent “talking general shit about who has the cooler bike”.




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