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Motor Surgical Diaries – Polly & Daniel

Photos & Words by | Jun Song | Best part about doing what I do is getting to meet the most wonderful people from all walks of life. Few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Daniel and Polly here in Salt Lake City. You may have heard of them as @MotorSurgiacalDiaries on Instagram and they’re a couple from ...

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Re-Waxing Belstaff Tourist Jacket

Video & Words by | Jun Song| If you’re not willing to spend time, money, and the effort to provide proper care for your cotton wax jacket, then you probably shouldn’t own one. My Belstaff Tourist Trophy Pure Motocycle jacket was long overdue for re-waxing maintenance. This is probably the most labor-intensive work I’ve done for any type of clothing, ...

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Outlaws by Belstaff – Film Review

Words by | Jun Song | Photo & Film by Belstaff So I finally found some spare time (17:28 minutes to be exact) to watch the new Outlaws film by Belstaff, featuring David Beckham. Here was my thought process while watching the film: -1st minute: Belstaff really needs to bring Ewan McGregor back -2nd min: What? I don’t understand, literally. ...

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