Salt & Defender

Photos & Words by | Jun Song | & Film by | Max Daines |

Brent Jespersen (driver in the pic/video), who is no stranger to having some of the funnest toys, decided to take his 1994 NAS Landrover Defender 90 out for a cruise on the Bonneville Salt Flat. He purchased the truck back in 1997 after he moved to Utah from his next door neighbor for $18k. For the last 20 years, he’s used the Defender for excursions around utah and lots of trips up snowboarding (approx. 40x a year).

The truck has a removable fiberglass hard top, with virtually everything on the car as stock (maybe not in stock condition, lol) and currently aged with 150k miles on the odometer. Brent says that the truck has been very reliable over the last 20 years, with only a few electrical issues in the past. The truck suffers from rusting due to all the salt used on the roads during the winter in Utah and no matter how many times the truck is washed, the salt will always get its way. Hard to say whether this Brent will be able to enjoy his truck for another 20 years,  but while he does, looks like he knows to have fun with it.

 Film by | Max Daines |

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