Wet Reckless

Words and Photos | Matthew Jones



When it comes to motorcycle photography, you can’t really fuck a up a frame in the presence of a golden sunsets, gloriously endless, desolate roads and backdrops with none other than being engulfed in colorful, mountainous horizons – it’s just too easy. But what about when that magic hour drops and those extravagant adventures and locations begin to fade? And where do you shoot when the riding conditions are shit, and the consequences may involve imprisonment. In addition, what about the times when you’re no longer competing to fulfill the perception of living one of the most sought-after lives through your social media channels, and are simply just cruising on your trusty steed through the city at midnight, hoping from bar to bar, from house party to hangout. The times when you just hop on your bike and simply jet down the street with no true route in mind, no specific instagram photo to capture and no purpose but to either blow off some steam or to clear your head.

Well folks, as I continue to explore authenticity of this hellacious, two wheeled culture, as well as the bottom of this barrel of gin, these “authentic” moments are the times that I will be striving to capture as I embark on a new series titled, “Wet Reckless”. I hope you fucking hate it, and I can’t wait for you to steal it.


“When the water dried up, my motivation to explore this new night series was completely out the window. All creativity was lost. Regardless, we strapped up and rode out anyways with no other purpose than for that of good hangs, live blues and cold brews…yet I suppose that’s what I was lacking in the first place? And by the time that this moment (above photo) was captured, I can honestly say that I had so much High Life and Purple Rain running through my sole that I vaguely even remember snapping this photo.”




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