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I just got my second pair of Motorpool riding pants from Ugly Bros USA ($329) and here is my brief review of it so far:

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Comfort: This is the best aspect of this pants. The pants has elastic shirring knee & waist-lower back panels (as seen in pic), which for one, prevents your butt crack showing while you ride, and two, it just makes your leg movement feel much natural. I don’t hesitate to say that this is the most comfortable pair of pants I own. 

Photo by @_jnbl
Photo by @_jnbl

Safety: Well this obviously isn’t the most safe or the most technical motorcycle pants, and I don’t think you should be wearing this if that’s your first concern. However; the pants has CE pad inserts on the hips, as well as on the knees. Best part about the knee inserts is that you can remove it from the outside, without taking your pants off. 

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Value: Yea, this is pretty damn expensive. In fact, this is probably the most expensive pair of pants I own. This will set you back $320 and that’s really not affordable by any measure. So value? That’s very subjective so I’ll leave that up to you. 

Fit/Style: Style is great. There aren’t that many motorcycle pants that has good casual style that you can use it as a everyday pants, which is what I do. Fit? That’s another story. Motorpool is probably the tightest pair of jeans I own but doesn’t feel that way because of its elastic fabric. I know other models are slimmer, so if you have thick log like legs like I do, anything other than this model won’t really fit you too well. 

So that’s my 5mins review of the pants. Also, @townmoto has the best photos of these pants, so you might get a better idea of what they look like and how they will fit. 07-03-15 Los Angeles Day mini-EPCMTO 2 (427 of 643)

Disclosure: Fortunately, I didn’t have to pay for my pants; however, my review is fully independent and is not externally influenced 

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  1. Hey I’m 5’10 and usually wear a 33 waist in jeans…which size would you recommend??

    • They’re true fit. i.e. measure your waist with a tape ruler and that should be the size. The inseam is one size, and they come very long, so you’ll probably need to get it hemmed. Mass manufactured pants sizes are under stated for “feel good” factor, so it won’t be a good measure.

  2. Woo hoo for Town Moto!! Reppin’ my local shop there, Jun!

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying out a pair of UglyBros but by all accounts they make great riding gear for the more fashion conscious rider.

    Have you ever had any issues with the knee armour wanting to pop out, mid-ride? Love the idea of being able to shed the armour easily at the office, but wouldn’t want to see it fly away at speed.


    • haha nice

      Yea, never actually thought of that as being even an issue. The knee pocket is pretty deep, and the pad cups right on your knee and is very snug, without being too tight. So yea, I would have never though, that would be an issue, nor did I ever experience it popping out.

      And yea, its great how easily you can just pull it out when not riding. I think that’s the best part about it.

  3. Jun… Love the blog, love the IG account. Thanks for pulling all this shit together. It’s pretty damn perfect.

    Now, on these pants. I have them. I leaned out recently and need to size down but dropping another $330 to tighten up stuff a few inches is a hard pill to swallow. I’ve not washed mine yet as they’re only two short rides in. I’m debating on selling them, taking a loss, and just adding a little more for a new pair that fits… Or washing/drying them in hopes they’ll shrink and fit right. There are no washing instructions that came with the pants. What has been your experience with washing these pants? Could I shrink them successfully? Help save the frustration for me… Thanks!


    • Hey, looks like you have a good problem. I’ve been meaning to have that problem for some time, but hasn’t worked out yet lol. I’ve washed it handful of times, but I don’t recall the fit ever changing. I just did a regular wash machine. You can try washing it and see if it shrinks, but I don’t think it will much. You could always try taking it to a local tailor and see if they can adjust it. Might be worth asking about it.

      • Thanks. I decided to take chance & attempt to “shrink” my Motorpools down to the size I need. Based on information gifted to me by my good friend Google (or as I call her, “Jooglay”), I follower the same instructions on how to shrink a pair of jeans: 1) Turn pants inside out. 2) In the washing machine, wash pants hot water. 3) Dry in high heat. 4) Repeat if necessary.

        I did just one wash cycle, but dried the pants in 2 or 3 45-min cycles. My UglyBros Motorpools are now effectively one full size smaller & with no noticeable color fading.

        Now, to figure out how to reverse all that when I get back to my beer-is-more-fun-than-lifting-weights figure…

        Cheers, my friend.

        • Ha that’s awesome. Glad you were able to figure it out. And now I know that works! Thanks for keeping me posted on that. Ride safe and keep easy on those carbs.

  4. Ello mate, I’ve got a 33-34” waist but 25” thighs! I should skip leg day more often… I’m worried these beautiful expensive jeans won’t fit my stupid thighs.. I was going to order the Kevlar lined versions but if you say the motorpool are a larger fit then I don’t think I have any hope.. keep up the good work!;)
    Cheers Nik

    • I hear you man. I have the exact same problem. I think they’re coming out with a Kevlar Motorpools. I would contact them and at least try them on and see if they don’t fit. I’m sure they’ll take returns.

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