The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show – Numero Dos

“2015’s Handbuilt Motorcycle Show proved to all in attendance that this newly formed tradition is one that will likely continue on for many many years to come. In only its second year, HBS “Numero Dos” propagated a vibe and feel of an event that has many, many years under its belt. The overwhelming response from all who braved the looming torrential spring rainfall was that this event has a peerless vibe of love that permeates everything and everyone who walk through the doors. Proudly billing itself as Inclusive vs. Exclusive, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show stretched itself this year to be even more accepting and welcoming to a massive turnout of 20,000 folks and will not soon be forgotten by the curious and experienced alike that soaked it all up. The smiles, the hugs, and the astounded faces are missed already and April 2016 can’t get here soon enough!” – Revival Cycles

Camera: Gustavo Penna
Camera and Editor: Ian Pollard


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