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Giveaway: Mad Max Furiosa by CRIOG x British Customs

Photos by | Jun Song | CROIG boys (@croig.builds & @croig.co) teamed up with British Customs and launched a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Riders For Health. Riders for Health In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 60% of people live in hard-to-reach rural communities, making accessebility to medical services and supplies almost impossible. But Riders for Health has found a solution: Motorcycles. ...

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CROIG Weekend Project by British Customs

Project by | David Chang | David Chang, aka. CROIG has teamed up with British Customs and launched a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Riders For Health. They are giving away the bike that CROIG is currently riding on the CROIG East tour (photos below).  The bike will be a progressive “weekend project” build, and the final build will look no less ...

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