Giveaway: Mad Max Furiosa by CRIOG x British Customs

Photos by | Jun Song |

CROIG boys (@croig.builds & teamed up with British Customs and launched a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Riders For Health.

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Riders for Health

In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 60% of people live in hard-to-reach rural communities, making accessebility to medical services and supplies almost impossible. But Riders for Health has found a solution: Motorcycles. Support Riders for Health’s efforts with a donation and make a difference today!


To raise fund for Riders of Health, this very bike you see here will be up for a giveaway. Anyone can donate and register to win this bike:

Bike is called Furiosa, which is based on a Mad Max theme designed by Jeremy Lacy of Downshift Studio

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  1. Looks awesome! love Riders for health! love what you guys are doing!

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