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Larson Upholstery – Bell Bullitt Custom

Photo by | Jenny Linquist {www.jennylinquist.com} | Larson Upholstery, a custom trim shop in Seattle, Washington, created this one of a kind Leather Helmet 2.0 Bell Bullitt, taking helmet customization to the next level. Contact them for custom inquiry: www.larsonupholstery.com | 206.288.7160 | larsonupholstery@gmail.com  

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Bell Bullitt Helmet Gear Review

Words and Photo | Jun Song Ever have a love and hate relationship with a motorcycle gear? Well, that pretty much sums up my relationship with my Bell Bullitt helmet. Pros: -Style -Wide field of view -Quality   Cons: -Wind Noise -Price – Safety/Fit   Style/Quality: There is pretty much no other helmet like this on the market. Bell managed ...

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