Larson Upholstery – Bell Bullitt Custom

Photo by | Jenny Linquist {} |

Larson Upholstery, a custom trim shop in Seattle, Washington, created this one of a kind Leather Helmet 2.0 Bell Bullitt, taking helmet customization to the next level.

Contact them for custom inquiry: | 206.288.7160 |



  1. Curious on price of a Bell Bullet wrapped in leather? Also, can you put a custom stich or pattern on the helmet? I would like to put the isle of man symbol somewhere.

    I also left a voice message.

    • Hey Brody, we’re not Leather Upholstery so we can’t provide you the information you need. Please message them through the contact provided above. Thanks

  2. Hi guys.
    Love the brown leather covered bell 2.0 bullit helmet.
    Im in the UK.
    How much for you to supply and cover in brown leather plus post to the UK please.

    Kind regards

    Jeff joker cornes

  3. Love the leather covered bell helmet 2.0 bullitt.
    How much to supply helmet and cover with leather and post to the UK.



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