Scrambler Madness

Photos & Words by | Jun Song | Someone told me the other day  that scramblers are old news. Well, if you were at the Mama Tried show in Milwakee, you know scramblers are very alive and well. After the show, I had the chance to take out three of the latest and the sexiest scramblers for 2016. I’ve highlighted them individually, but ...

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3 Brothers, & Triumphs

Words & Photos by | Jun Song | Chris Purkey (age 32), Todd Purkey (28), and Tyson Purkey (28), are three brothers out of Salt Lake City, Utah, whose relationship is solidified through their love for motorcycles, specifically through their Triumphs. I met the Purkey brothdsers about a year ago at a group ride here in Salt Lake City, and ...

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Welcome to Sideroist

A small group of us came together and created a community for the lovers of all things stimulated by combusting fuel. Our hope is to share what we do, see, and create in our everyday adventures, big or small, to inspire and motivate you to do the same. Subscribe and follow us in our journey. We Are: Leticia Cline David ...

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