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Weekend Riding Gears | Gear Review

Words & Photos by | Jun Song | Contributing Photographer –  Rick Poon | I recently went on a weekend moto-adventure trip up through the Pacific Coast Highway (click here for  trip photo gallery), and I took this chance to put both new and old gears to test. All gears that I used and listed below, except for the rain pants, were provided by ...

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X.G 100 Helmet by NEXX – Gear Review

Photos & Words by | Jun Song | Best thing about being a blogger is that I get to say whatever I want, and this time I’m going to say that the X.G 100 helmets by NEXX are the BEST modern-retro helmets for 2016!!! REVIEW SUMMARY Pros High quality modern retro helmet with beautiful graphics Allows different looks with add-on accessories Lightweight ...

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