My Stories of 2016, A Year in Review

Words & Photos by | Jun Song |

Time to conclude the year again with my stories from 2016. I realized I stopped keeping a journal about ten years ago, which is around the time I picked up photography as a hobby, because seeing a photo I shot brings back the exact feelings and thoughts, and the who, the where and the when of that moment in life. If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then imagine all the stories that are contained in the fifty-thousand photos that I managed to take over the last twelve months. Countless.

One of my goals for 2016 was to learn to film time-lapse and I think this made me go the extra mile to seek many new breathtaking places. Nothing can be more gratifying than to see a year’s worth of work coming together to tell a story.

I’m grateful to have had so many beautiful moments this year and to conclude it without any regrets, but I’m more grateful for my family, friends, and more often than not, strangers, who were able to share these experiences with me.

So I end this year with happy memories and look forward to the unknown-to-be beautiful moments of 2017, and I wish you all the same.


“Listen intently to the stories of others and I’ll tell you why

Sometime in life, it’s easy to just get stuck

Stuck in what’s comfortable
Stuck in what we know

What we think makes us happy

Time starts speeding by and suddenly you wake up and realize, being surrounded by all things familiar… 

These comfortable things, might be what’s holding you back

A wiseman once said to me

When you’re about to make a decision, what would you’re elder self think of the choices you’re about to make

You start to think life isn’t about being comfortable all the time, but just the opposite…

So you get up and go

Hoping wherever you’re headed has the ability to make you feel free

Really free…”

– Tomorrowland by GoPro

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