Salt City Builds – Friends, Builders, Community Leaders

Words & Photos by | Jun Song |

I first visited Salt City Builds three years ago to inquire about getting a custom part built for my Thruxton. I only met Seth Clark, the younger brother, during that visit, but eventually got to meet/know Jason Clark (aka Rev) and they’ve since become my good friends within Salt Lake City’s moto community.

Salt City Builds, located at 2212 West Temple #17, Salt Lake City, is a fun place to visit no matter when or why you’re there. I don’t want to give out the wrong impression, because they do work long and hard, but I always have fun whenever I visit their shop and end up staying longer than I initially plan for. In the last three years, nine out of ten visits to the shop have been for social reasons rather than bike-work related visits. So you get the idea.

Rev and Seth have built some beautiful bikes, and I’m sure they will continue to do so, but they also do your day-to-day motorcycle maintenance work. Not only that, they’ve become moto community leaders in Utah by co-founding (with Juan Coles) hugely successful events such as Motos in Moab and Salty Bike Revival in the last two years.

I visited them last night to do a photo-shoot of them and their shop, and as always, there was a group of people working on bikes as well as just chilling and have fun, which is what I love about them the most. If you are in the Salt Lake City area or are visiting the neighborhood, make an effort to visit Salt City Builds to get to know them. Also if you’re looking to get a custom bike built or any bike work done, put them on your list and you won’t be disappointed.



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