Ducati xDiavel

Photos by | Kaycee Landsaw (www.kayceelandsaw.com) &  Jun Song

The word on the street was that Ducati was enroute to Sturgis, hauling 16 of their brand new xDiavels, and that they were making a stop at Harrion Eurosports Ducati, Salt Lake City to give demo rides. So my friend and fellow photographer, Kaycee Landsaw, and I had to go check it out.

Now normally on demo rides, they make you go in groups, which pretty much limits where you can go and how fast you can go. Yea, boooooo. But our friends at Harrison Eurosports let Kaycee and I steal two xDiavels for the day and let us do whatever the hell we wanted to do with them. (Disclosure: no, this is not a paid advertisement for Harrison or such. They just let us take the bikes out for the day).

The most unique aspect about this Ducati is that it’s a cruiser, but a sports bike… Confused? I don’t have much experience with either sports or cruiser bikes,  but the power delivery and the handling of the xDiavel was like a sports bike, but the sitting stance and posture was like that of a cruiser. The bike was surprisingly comfortable (although I’m not used to the forward footpegs so it felt weird) and very grounded/stable when carving through the canyon at high speed (high meaning like twice plus the speed limit…)

I’m not a bike expert nor can I speak technically about bikes, but one thing I do know is that “this bike is wild” (as Kaycee puts it in the video below)


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