SYM Wolf Classic 150cc

Photos & Words by | Jun Song |

It was one of those WTF moments when I saw this bike rolling into Salt Lake City’s Gentleman’s Ride 2015. WTF as in, I’ve never seen that bike or heard of it, but it looks sooo cool. Definately helps that the lovely-genteel lady Charlotte was rocking the bike.

But seriously, I have a soft spot for classic sub 200cc bikes (I own a CB125 and LOVE it), and I think this bike just hit the nail on the head.

The bike you see here is made by a Taiwanese company called SYM, which was founded in 1962 through a joint venture of Sanyang Industry Co and Honda.

The company currently makes scooters and sub 250 cc motorcycles, and the one shown here is the brand new Wolf Classic 150, which is also SYM’s mid range motorcycle.

This little sucker is priced at $2999, and boasts a 150cc 4-stroke single, that allows 65.5mph top speed, while guzzling fuel at 85mpg. Oh and it comes with a two year warranty.

Overall, this is the ultimate urban cruising machine perfectly suited for anyone wanting a nimble classic café styled bike with the reliability of a modern motorcycle.



  1. Well shoot, We might as well take credit as being the local SYM dealer in Salt Lake City. This sweet motorcycle can be seen and also purchased in 5 classic colors at The Salt Lake Scooter Company. Located downtown Salt Lake, 1207 S Major St. This a great review on the Wolf Classic 150. It is an awesome, durable, well built machine. Come on in and check it out

  2. Beautiful bike and lass. Excellent combo, those pictures could be used as a promo for the Wolf Classic! 🙂

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