Custom Wolverine Boots

Words & Photos by | Jun Song |

[Disclosure: Wolverine provided the custom boots for free; however this is not a paid advertisement for the brand/Company]

Wolverine was kind enough to send me a code for me to customize my very own pair of 1000 Mile boots. You may know that I’m a big fan of their 1000 Miles boots (see my previous review here), specifically a fan of their quality, aesthetic, history and design. Every brand/product have limited options on what you can buy, but Wolverine just changed that by letting you customize pretty much 99% of the 1000 Mile boots through their new customization site:

When I say customize, I mean really customize. You can select leather color, type for quarter, vamp, heel, tongue, to stitching, footbed, eyelets and more! You can even customize the tag that your boots comes with. The best thing? It’s pretty much the same cost as non-custom 1000 Mile boots at $400.

So here is a video of me customizing my very own pair of Wolverine boots. The only downside? Too many options! If you’re an indecisive person, this may give you a headache.




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