Royal Scrambler by Analog Motorcycles

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To see the maximum custom potential of any motorcycle, all you need to do is hand the bike over to Tony Prust of Analog Motrocycles, and the folks over at Royal Enfield did just that.

A stock Royal Enfield Continetal GT was dropped off at Tony’s front door and the rest is… well… see the photos for yourself.

The Continental GT is not really the most exciting-looking modern café racer on the market today. However, I do think the stock bike looks much better in person than it does on photos because you get to appreciate the details, such as the kick starter (yea it’s got a kick starter, how awesome is that). The specs really aren’t that impressive either. Under the classic-styled tank sits a fuel injected 535cc engine with a whooping 29.1 bhp, so maybe it’s not the best long-distance, or the canyon carving machine, but I think it would make a perfect urban café racer for those looking for a lighter and smaller bike. To be honest, I really don’t think it’s fair for me to judge its rideability because I haven’t ridden the bike yet.

This is where builders like Tony Prust enter the scene. Doesn’t matter what the stock bike looks like or rides like, all you need is a creative mind and a set of hands to turn a “not really the most exciting-looking” bike into a… well… see the photos for yourself.

In goes the Continental GT and out comes this Royal Scrambler. Finally, the “Royal” of Royal Enfield makes sense. Now, all Royal Enfield needs to do is clone about 100 Tonys and put them in a production assembly line to mass produce this bike.

Fortunately, I had the pleasure of coming across this bike at the Mama Tried show in Milwaukee (also Royal’s HQ). Don’t ask me how this bike rides because first, I didn’t get to ride it because I was busy taking these photos for you (the sacrifices I have to make), second, who cares?!? Just look at the bike, would you care how your bike rides if it looks like this? Ok, maybe it does matter and I’m sure Tony didn’t forget about the performance area. But one thing I do know is that it does wheelie (I’ve seen it).

Big question you’re all wondering is, how much? I actually don’t know, but I’m sure it will come on the market pretty soon. Or better, just get yourself a Continental GT and have your imagination (or Tony’s) go wild on it.



  • Race Tech rebuilt forks with gold valve emulators and springs (by Race Tech)
  • Race Tech G3-S Shocks (by Race Tech)
  • Modified sub-frame
  • Continental TKC 80 Tires
  • After market chain tensioner
  • Lifted about 1.5” suspension and 1″ tire side wall
  • Modified and milled top trip tailored for handle bar mounts
  • Moose Racing Aluminum Handle Bars


  • Full carb conversion to Amal 932
  • Hitchcock Performance Cams
  • Hitchcock Performance Valve Spring
  • Custom exhaust made in house with Cone Eng parts (by Cone Engineering)
  • Custom made and drilled heat shield
  • Engine treated to some wrinkle black powder coating
  • K & N Filter
  • All engine work by Moto and Motor


  • AMG Billet Tank Emblems, Pegs and Heel Guards
  • AMG Reverse Bates LED Taillight
  • AMG LED Mini Bolt Signals
  • Custom made battery tray
  • Custom made rear fender
  • Custom made seat pan with upholstery by Dave Purney
  • Paint by Kiel’s Kustoms
  • Pin striping by Brando
  • Custom made headlight bracket and aftermarket headlight


  • Moto Gadget M-unit and M-button
  • Motone Switches (by Motone)
  • Additional wheels laced up with ice riding tires
  • Low Brow Customs Grips
  • Earth X Battery
  • Nissin Front Master Cylinder with quick release caliper
  • HEL Brake Lines
  • Koso Speedometer




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