Leticia Cline



Name: Leticia Cline

Location: Orlando, Florida

Bikes: Harley Davidson Iron 883, Honda cb450

Specialty: Journalist, model, documentary (@thelostlatitudes)

Website: leticiacline.com

Contact: leticiacline@me.com




“I scribble words on paper and take a few photos on things that go fast. Basically I’m a test dummy for products, gear, motorcycles and cars.

In all seriousness I am just a journalist trying to find my way doing what I love and documenting it for the masses. In my younger years I was a model and was fortunate enough to make it to the cover of quite a few magazines, Maxim, Playboy, Fight, Stuff, Sports Illustrated, Modo, La Palme, Southern Boating and En Vie to name a few. I also was the backstage interviewer for Impact Wresting on Spike TV as well as a contestant on the reality show Beauty and the Geek. I’ve done a few movies but at this point it just sounds like I’m bragging so we will leave the rest up to google.

From modeling in them to writing for them, I now am a contributing journalist for publications such as Iron & AirRacer XMXP and a number of travel magazines.

Currently I am working on an all women’s motorcycle series and rebuilding my Harley 883 and a Honda cb450 bobber. In my next life I’m coming back as a lazy house cat. “Leticia Cline


Portfolio Samples

Iron & Air Issue 16

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